Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where do I start?

First, start with your profile by clicking your name or the circle next to it in the top menu, and click profile. Once you’re there, you can add a profile and cover image and add as much info as you’d like. Once you’re done with that, feel free to explore groups or connect with other members.

How do I add/manage my profile and cover photo?

Go to your profile and you’ll see both your profile and cover photos.

To edit your profile photo:

Click on your profile photo (or it’s it not set, the area where it should be. You’ll be asked to upload, take (requires permission to use your device’s camera), or delete. Follow the onscreen directions to upload a picture from your computer or take the photo using your camera. Ideal profile photos are square images (ex: 400 x 400 pixels).

To edit your cover photo:

You have two options with the cover photo. First, you can edit your cover photo in the same manner as the profile photo by clicking the edit button in the upper left corner of the image. Your second option is to reposition your photo by clicking the arrows right below the edit button in the upper left corner of the cover image. This allows you to drag the image to position it. Once it’s in its desired position, click “save changes.” Cover images should be at least 1130 pixels wide by 350 pixels high with the content towards the center. We will put together a template for this that you can use to see where things fit in.

Known Issues:

  • The below items are known issues that the Epic Technical Team is currently working on:
  • Authentication via Google, Facebook, and WordPress.
  • Change from email address for notifications (it currently sends all emails from

Feature requests:

  •  Stay logged in so users don’t need to log in multiple times.
  • Template for cover images that show mobile and full sized dimensions.