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Why you should be blogging

Apr 14, 2022 | Blogging, Marketing, SEO

The best way to drive traffic to your website is to create well-written, shareable content. Blogs are an excellent way to keep your site’s content fresh. The key to successful blogging is creating posts that address a problem that your target audience is experiencing. This post, for example, addresses the problem of low site traffic, which many website owners experience.

This short video provides some tips on blogging:

Some Epic Blogging Tips:

  • Blog consistently -try for one post per week.
  • You can call your blog “articles” or “news” to set a different tone for the section.
  • Link to other content on your website in your blog posts.
  • Make sure any external links open up in new tabs.



  1. Bryan Daly

    Looks great and GREAT info you rock!

  2. Kathryn Marie Holcomb-Kirby

    Really enjoyed the video and content on why blogging is do important and also why we want to drive people to our website first, instead of social media.

  3. Lois McGuire

    In what section can we put our BLOG?  I don’t see a place.


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