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Which Decision Has Had the Biggest Impact on Your Business

May 10, 2022 | Blogging, Marketing, SEO

For me, it was going to a LinkedIn Posting Party in April of 2021. My business, which finally had become my full-time job (after 20+ years of doing it part-time) was rebooting and things that had worked for me in the past weren’t working in a post-Covid environment. In the past, I had found success in using Craigslist to run 60 ads per day (3 different ads in 20 markets), but that wasn’t viable as ads were no longer free. I tried a number of local networking groups, but they were sparsely attended and half of the attendees were looking for jobs.

Then it happened, I stumbled upon a post on  LinkedIn from my friend Jeff DeSocio about a LinkedIn posting party and signed up as it sounded interesting. As the date drew near, I nearly skipped it as other things popped up, and truthfully, it was a little outside of my comfort zone. But I was committed to giving it a try and am glad I did as I was introduced to this amazing group of people called “Epic Networking.”

While the group has brought me a lot of business, it’s been so much more. It taught me how to network online by helping me perfect my message, understand the true purpose of 1 on 1s, and learn that the goal of online networking is more about building referral partners rather than tossing out your sales pitch to see what sticks. On top of that, I’ve made a lot of amazing friends and learned about other online networking groups.

The one thing is missed about my former job was the comradarie of having coworkers, who were more like friends. Epic has filled this gap – I now have many new friends, several who also do web design, that I can bounce ideas off of, collaborate with, and have been there for me during the toughest time of my life.  So instead of friends, we’ve become family.

What’s your story?

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  1. Kathryn Marie Holcomb-Kirby

    Epic Linked In Posting parties create an amazing environment for connection, collaboration, and business building.


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