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Rahz Slaughter-Helping Students Unleash Their Full Potential

Apr 12, 2022 | Education

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Rahz “The Motivator” Slaughter is a motivational speaker who has spent years helping children and teens improve their mindsets and take charge of their lives.

Born with a disability and raised by a single mother who suffered from addiction, Rahz was told countless times that he had limitations, that there would be things that he could not do, be, or achieve.

Despite these messages, Rahz was unstoppable and set out to create a life of his doing and not what others expected.

Then and Now

Today, Rahz Slaughter is a motivational speaker and successful business owner.

He is also an athlete, personal trainer, nutritionist, and coach. He has spent over 20 years in the fitness business, coaching and motivating people to make better life choices and improve their health.

He was told that he could not body build or train others. Still, he ignored that and went on to win second place in a National Amateur Body Building Association competition and has coached thousands of people to greatness.

What Motivates The Motivator

Rahz especially finds great joy and fulfillment in shaping and motivating the mindsets of youth, particularly those who are “at-risk” or have difficult life circumstances.

At student assemblies, Rahz uses stories from his own challenging life experiences, and he teaches kids how he overcame his adverse circumstances.

He reinforces your school’s established core values, creates a compassionate environment, and infuses positivity and strength in today’s youth.

He teaches them how to develop skills to change negative mindsets and sends the message that anything is truly possible with determination, discipline, and hard work. And most of all, he connects with children in a way in which they take notice of his compassion and caring nature.

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  1. Joanne Grigoriev

    Rahz is filling such an important gap in our stressed society – elucidating the current parent – teenager gap and then giving practical and insightful strategies to come together again as functioning unit again. Young people become motivated again and engaged with life.

  2. Bryan Daly

    Hey Handsome Man!  Love your BLOG post on our EPIC! Platform!

  3. Alan Jacobson

    Great story and journey. The experiences that Rahz has had, his focus and commitment to achieve on his terms, and his personal journey and achievements are inspiration enough to want to engage with them. Then his energy, caring mindset, and ability to connect make it difficult for prospects to say anything but “I want to be like you!” And then its growth and confidence. Boom!

  4. Megan Miller

    It’s so important to help teens learn to live – and learn that anything is possible. It all starts with how we think about it. Love this!

    As Mark Twain said: “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.” BOOM!

  5. Robin Thomas

    So many of our youth are struggling today- thank you for making a difference, Rahz! The skills to change negative mindsets are so needed! I love your message that anything is truly possible with determination, discipline, and hard work.


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