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Noticed Something Different about your emails? By Bob Antoville

Jul 26, 2022 | Blogging, Uncategorized

Have you been checking your emails regularly? Noticed something different about the way you receive emails?

If you still haven’t, take a closer look and you’ll see emojis and gifs making your emails interactive and vibrant without the need of a complex graphic designing team!

Yes, gone are the days when a local business or contact would send a monotonous email that read more
professional than academic articles; businesses have found a new way to engage with their
customers —by using gifs and emojis. ��

No matter how professional someone or a company gets, we all like some graphical motion on
our screens and that is what businesses have been realizing lately. The best form of media in
marketing is motion pictures and gifs do that well. ��

Previously, to find a customer; emails were the last resort and mostly the daily mail �� would do
the job with a plethora of spam from other companies already nested in the mailbox. But lately,
consumer behavior studies and finding customer behaviors changed – marketers found emojis
and gifs as best tools to break the ice.��

With a balanced use of both or either one of the mode
of media, we can provide personalized emailing to the customers and provide them the “experience”, a buzz-word �� bin the marketing and business world.


Test Picture ( 2400 x 1200 )



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