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Introducing Epic Leaderboards

Mar 29, 2022 | Uncategorized

We’ve recently added two new features to My Epic Network: Epic Points and The Epic Leaderboard. These features allow us to recognize and reward our most active members. So far, they’ve been a big hit as site traffic and engagement have increased substantially over the past three weeks. So if you want to learn more about the points and the leaderboard, as well as some secrets to help you score more points, read on.

Epic Points

Epic Points are points that you can earn by engaging with MyEpicNetwork.com. Each member of the site is automatically able to earn these points. Some of the activities that earn points include:

  • 1 point for visiting MyEpicNetwork.com (1 point per day).
  • 1 point for commenting on a post in one of the Epic Groups (1 point per comment).
  • 1 point for sending a friend request to another member of the site (1 per request sent).
  • 1 point for a post to your activity feed (1 point per post).
  • Points for earning various badges (points vary based on badge earned).

There are also several other ways, with more coming every few weeks, that we didn’t list here, so you can discover them on your own.

Epic Blog LeaderBoard 2 ( 2400 x 1200 )

The Leaderboard

The Epic Leaderboard shows the top Epic Points earners on two separate boards. The top board shows the weekly leaders – this gets reset each Monday Morning at midnight ET. The bottom board shows the overall leader since we began awarding points. If you’re not near the top of the overall board but want to be there, fear not – just get on the site, start using it, and you’ll see your numbers climb.

Leaderboard Rewards

Currently, we’re announcing the leaders during our Morning Meetings. These meetings are free to attend, so make sure you are joining the calls to see this in action. We will reserve spots (some will be announced, some will be a surprise) where we give the leader on each board a chance to give a longer introduction to their business. We’ll also be announcing prizes and contests in the near future for those who lead during a contest or hit a milestone in overall points.

The Future

As mentioned, we will be adding more ways to earn points (and badges), so keep an eye on your email for some pleasant surprises. We also may incorporate other types of points for our synergy teams and meeting attendees. Stay tuned!


  1. Jeanette

    Such a fun idea to keep us engaging!
    Thanks for the idea and giving us a reason to check on each day

  2. Frank Costantino

    💥 Who’s Gonna be in first place this week!!! 💥

  3. Tracy Downing

    Happy to be here.

  4. Tracy Downing

    I am curious is the leader board cumulative or does it reset? I am known to have a competitive side. 🙂

  5. Bryan Daly

    I think it’s weekly and Cumulative
    I’ll have to ask James


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