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How adding value gives you an advantage By Robert Antoville

Jun 23, 2022 | Sales

 Value Added Services 

You’ve done everything right to build your business. You’ve got a great product or service, you’ve got a phenomenal sales team, and you’re careful with your expenses and planning. So, what do you do when your competition has similar products, pricing, and strengths? And, in today’s economy, with prices of everything from groceries to gas skyrocketing, how can you affordably stand out from all the others, stay competitive, and grow
your business?

The answer is Value Added Services – offering something which adds value to the core service you’re already providing. You’ve probably experienced it dozens of times as a client or customer. You’re getting repairs done on your home and mention that your car needs work, and your handyman recommends an outstanding mechanic. You’re buying a house, and your
realtor knows a great mortgage broker who makes everything simple and easy – and saves you a ton of money.

You can be that great resource for your customers or clients – setting your business apart from your competition. And the best part? It costs you nothing, but it’s a win/win for both your company and the business you’re recommending. While at the
same time your value has grown as you have offered an answer or alternative way to solve their problem.

As you can tell by now, adding value to your business can make your business beat the other similar players in your industry. A simple solution offered can go a long way toward making sure customers are loyal to your brand. Is there a need to go super-complex when it comes to value addition?

Not at all! All you need to do is provide an additional incentive to
your customer – something your competitors are not thinking about, and neither are your customers but if provided, their life would be easier. It’s this simple! Making your customer’s life easier is providing value to them, in the end—adding value to your brand leads to benefits that would ensure
your survival in the uncertain market of current times.

What else completes a value-addition process in a business? The crucial step is not the value-addition but recognizing the value(s) to offer to your customer. As with a business that depends on varying factors, consumers demand different solutions to their shopping dilemmas. For some, it is as simple as a coupon/voucher that saves them a couple of dollars but this
generalization cannot be applied to the entire customer base. Is that a problem? Not really, all you need to do is to first identify the gaps. The recognition of a value needs extensive research through observation; surveys; and various methods that can provide that rich feedback for you to incorporate into your business offering – showing your customers you care
about their concerns; therefore assuring the belief that you will be an excellent service provider for their problems.

Hence, by experimenting with different offerings, you can finally provide the customers an experience because in the end; it is not just the product that offers value—but the service that starts the moment a customer takes their first step to shop with you. This is a mistake most businesses make, and by adding the minute yet important touches – you can be that unique referral
everyone suggests to their friends and family.
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