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10 Secrets to Improving Your Websites Conversion Ratio

Jun 16, 2022 | Marketing, Sales, SEO

As the experts declare, the conversion rate is generally a lot less than one percent. In other words, one out of every one hundred visitors on a website makes a purchase.

In my opinion, you should choose your own path to reach your maximum conversion potential. Never be satisfied with your performance. You should be constantly trying to improve your conversion rates. My website has an average conversion rate somewhere between 3 and 5%, and can sometimes reach as much as 9%.

Unless you’re selling a high-priced item and making $200 or more per sale, it’s virtually impossible to make any real money with only a one percent conversion ratio. Of course, there are a number of exceptions to this rule, and if your website is attracting hundreds or even thousands of visitors a day, then of course you can be quite successful with a small conversion ratio or perhaps even none at all.

Most sites don’t have high volume traffic; therefore, even if you don’t have any heavy traffic, ask how to go about improving your site ROI (Return on Investment). The formula goes something like this: If you have a one percent conversion ratio, your site is earning $25 per day. So, you will receive quite a return if you keep optimizing your page.

The more money you can make per visitor, the more visitors to your site you should obtain. But, if you could increase your conversion rate too, for instance, 3%, 5%, suddenly someone would make $60 to $100 per day with the same amount of traffic. Improve your conversion rate to 10% and now that $100 per day turns into $200 per day!





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